Services by Betsy Fredrickson, LSCSW, LCSW


Helping adolescents and young adults discover their possibilities

Teen Counseling in Overland Park, Kansas

These are the topics that frequently bring adolescents and their families to therapy:


  • Improving performance in school
  • Addressing Parent/child communication
  • Coping Skills related to depression/anxiety
  • Resolving conflicts at school/home
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Bullying strategies
  • Helping with peer relations
  • Anger Management
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • ADHD strategies

[/arrow_list]Counseling session last 50 minutes and depending on needs, will be individual or family sessions.  There will also be a “parent feedback” part at the beginning or end of the session.  With a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, clients achieve personal growth in a collaborative way.

Providing counseling for Adults/Parents


  • Improving communication with spouse, child or colleague
  • Coping skills related to depression/anxiety
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Boundaries information


Telehealth Services


  • Convenient for college students/people on the go
  • HIPAA compliant encrypted video software

[/arrow_list]Telehealth services are great for college students or people who travel for work and find it difficult to get to an office.  My hours are more flexible with this option for therapy.  I love doing this work and hope you will allow me to join you on your journey to self discovery.

Supervisory information

I am a Board Approved Supervisor in Austin, Texas. I offer individual supervision. I am committed to this type of learning and enjoy being a part of Social Workers developing their clinical skills and working toward their licensure. Please contact me if you are interested in supervision.




Fees and Insurance Information

Initial Session – $160.00 for 60 minutes
Weekly/Bi-Weekly – $130.00 per 50 minute session.
Other office services for established clients:
Phone consultation- $35.00 per 15 minutes


All forms of payment are accepted, cash, check, credit card and Health Savings Accounts can be used for payment and payment is expected at the time of service.  I am not accepting any insurance coverage as payment at this time.  However, most group plans do provide “out of network coverage” which allow you to choose your preferred provider.  In those cases, you pay me in full at the time of service, and then file a claim with the insurance company for partial reimbursement. I can provide you with the information called a “Super Bill” which includes the (diagnosis code, “CPT code,” etc.) that you’ll need in order to file the claim.  I also maintain a few sliding fee spots in my practice.  Feel free to ask about this.

Missed or Cancelled Appointments

You will not be charged for appointments cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. If you are unable to provide 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged the full session fee for the appointment, unless I am able to fill your vacant time.

Emergencies and Phone Calls

I am aware that emergencies come up and you may feel the need to get in touch with me.  Since I work on an appointment basis, I ask that established clients call my confidential voicemail and emphasize the need to speak with me as soon as possible.  I will be happy to call you back for a brief “check in” which is usually sufficient.  Any calls longer than 5 minutes will begin the phone consultation rate.


Confidentiality will be maintained to protect the client’s privacy. According to law and professional ethics, exceptions to confidentiality exist if there is clear and present danger that someone’s life may be at risk or if there is suspected child abuse or neglect. Consider also that when insurance benefits are used, the insurance company may have access to a certain amount of information.